Give your teenager skills that will last a lifetime

Develop the future leader with Dale Carnegie and Youthink Leadership Course.


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The Course is designed on developing key areas that are critical for teenagers, such as overcome shyness and manage stress.

Cost of course : $576 in full or $144 per month
Frequency : 2 hours per week
Duration : 4 months

Our leadership and personal development course is a 32 day class where students will learn leadership skills that allow them to grow into successful leaders and use their interpersonal skills to achieve their goals in life.

These skills include building self-confidence, enhancing communication skills, interpersonal skill development, teamwork and effective attitude management.

In a competitive and complex world, students will use these skills to balance the demands of school, work and relationships while planning for their future.

A growth mindset is essential to cope with the pressure and stress that adolescents face.