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Winning with Relationship Selling


In an increasingly complex selling environment, successful sales professionals use relationship-oriented selling approaches to help their customers win.

Today, gimmicks and tactics are obsolete: customers are just too savvy. Armed with pricing and information from your website, reviews from the Internet, and recommendations from an army of colleagues and friends, most customers will have completed 70% of the buying process without engaging with a sales person.

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The Winning with Relationships
Selling Program will:

  • Create goals for personal and professional success
  • Build a winning and confident attitude
  • Connect with your customers by applying relationship-building techniques
  • Develop active listening skills to identify opportunities and head off challenges
  • Use social media to expand your networking influence
  • Develop powerful questions to uncover customer needs
  • Create interest by describing an individual and customer-centric solution

“Winning with Relationship Selling”

stands out as the only sales program that combines a proven selling process with timeless human relationship skills from the groundbreaking Dale Carnegie bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Who should


All sales professionals who want to reach new levels of success with a relationship-based selling approach.

What you will cover:

Sales Confidence

Gain Access

Expand Your Network


Communicate Value

Handle Hesitation

Commit and Maintain the Relationship

Sales Skills Mastery

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Define goals that direct your actions
  • Apply principles for achieving a winning and confident attitude
  • Develop a Customer Profile that describes your ideal client
  • Apply techniques for building relationships to connect with your customers
  • Identify the best networking techniques to expand your influence
  • Evaluate online networking methods
  • Create interest by describing what the customer can expect from your solution
  • Differentiate types of customers and what motivates them
  • Use techniques to widen the buyer’s gap and create a sense of urgency
  • Apply techniques to express information concisely
  • Use evidence to persuade the customer
  • Develop a plan to communicate your solution with impact
  • Apply techniques for negotiating with confidence
  • Identify points of agreement to lower resistance
  • Use methods to prevent objections before they arise
  • Choose a method for gaining commitment that fits the situation
  • Construct a plan for handling mistakes
  • Create a system to follow up and stay in touch with customers
  • Construct a comprehensive sales guide using the skills covered in this course
  • Use a method to appraise and communicate to strengthen relationships


Three days