Give Yourself the Flexibility to Pick Among a Wide Range of lucrative Jobs with a Career in Coding.


Engage, motivate and succeed by building your leadership skills through strategic techniques.


Turn an Idea into a Reality by Identifying When an Opportunity Rises.


What will you learn?

Software development

Programming languages including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Python.

Web applications, Design techniques including Responsive Design.

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DATA Science

Manage Data Systems SQL and NoSQL.

Understand the principles of Big Data.

Learn the theory and mathematics required to analyze and handle data sets.

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Cyber and Data Security help companies combat cyber attacks today and tomorrow.

Hardware and Software platforms – Understand the vulnerabilities in your computer program and prepare for any threats.

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What will you learn?

The Dale Carnegie Course

(Skills For Success)

Learn how to be a persuasive communicator and a creative problem solver

Be among the confident, enthusiastic leaders

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Leadership Training For Managers

Learn to deal with rapid change and multigenerational workforce

Create leaders who are aligned with you and who help drive your agenda

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Winning with Relationship Selling

Reach new levels of success by mastering a relationship-based selling approach

Gain sales confidence, expand your network, handle hesitation

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High Impact Presentations

Learn to connect confidently with any audience

Develop essential skills, attitudes and behaviors that make you powerful communicator

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Courses on demand

Engage, motivate and succeed by building your leadership skills

Develop Your Leadership Potential

Choose your leadership course

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What will you learn?

How to set yourself apart

Learn how to effectively execute a strategy

How to create a business plan

How to pitch an idea

How to Identify Opportunity

How to get funding

Learn the business language startups follow

How to manage accounting and financing

Get the tools for success

Become a creative leader

Solve common business problems

Develop business processes

How to recruit an effective team